About us

Passion for Testing is part of our DNA

Our Company

Tekniatest is an engineering company dedicated to deliver Automated Test Solutions  for Automotive and other electronic products.

Our versatile team, which has 20 years background on design and manufacturing of test solutions for many of the world’s most successful  manufacturers over the word, ensures that our customers will receive specific solutions for all their requirements.

Our talented team incudes Mechanical Designers, Software Developers, Program Managers and other high skilled professionals.

We are located in Barcelona (Spain) and Queretaro (Mexico) to provide support to our international customers.

Tekniatest can provide custom build equipment for Laboratories and Production and with diferent form factors like standalone machines manual operated or fully Automatic stations ready to be integrated into a palletized line.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excelence, therefore is not an act but a habit.



Tekniatest operates based on Lean principles by putting all focus on quality, delivery and cost.

In our organization, Customer is First and we dedicate all our efforts to deliver top performance to satisfy their needs.

Customer First



High performance and reliability



Fast Delivery



Cost optimization


Lean Principles


1. Specify Value

Define value for the customer perspective

2. Map the value stream

Map all the steps: value added, non value added that brings as service or product to the customer

3. Stablish Flow

Continuous flow of products, services from end to end trough the process

4. Implement Pull

Actual demand, pulls Product/service through value stream

5. Work to Perfection

Eliminate waste so all activities create value for the customer.
Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)