Working Remotelly


After the publication of RD 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by Covid-19 and in view of the situation we are experiencing throughout these weeks, TEKNIATEST has adopted a series of preventive and organizational measures in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of all its workers, as well as to minimize its impact on the company’s activity, maintaining the services provided to our customers and being able to provide continuity to the development of ongoing projects always faithful to our commitment to offer high quality products. Thus, all engineering, administration and purchasing personnel are carrying out their activities remotely from their homes. Workshop personnel are carrying out assembly work and installations applying the established safety protocols to reduce the risk of exposure of our collaborators. Commercial visits are also cancelled, replacing them through the use of technology and conducting all meetings through videoconferences. We take this opportunity to thank the entire TEKNIATEST team for their work capacity , effort and commitment to the company. #tekniatest #workingremotely #remoteteams